Meet Nicolai Josuttis, Keynote @ CppEurope Conference

Jun 03, 2020 by Madalina Botez in  Keynote

Nicolai is an independent system architect, technical manager, author, and consultant.
He designs mid-sized and large software systems for the telecommunications, traffic, finance, and manufacturing industries.

Members of the programming community recognize his name not only as an innovative presenter and speaker but also as a partner of IT-communication and a member of the C++ Standard Committee for almost 25 years.

He writes with authority, being the (co-)author of the world-wide bestsellers The C++ Standard Library, C++ Templates, C++17 – The Complete Guide, C++ Move Semantics – The Complete Guide, and SOA in Practice.
Recently, he spent two years rolling out a SOA at an international phone company. Nicolai presents SOA tutorials at several conferences, and has been speaking on the subject for multiple years. 

Curious to hear Nicolai’s latest talks? Join us on the 23rd of June at the 4th edition of CppEurope Conference.

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