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The Compiler is Your Friend: Practical lessons learned from AAA game development

A fast walk through various problems we encountered while developing AAA games, with a focus on performance optimization, tips & tricks and compilation speed.

In this session, we adapt code from big monolithic code bases, while handling a real-time application with tight performance constraints.​ ​

The unique perspective of our game-dev experience will ​illustrate​ the practical concepts throughout the presentation, showing how to deal with the complexity of big monolithic code bases​. We will look at:

  • a const case study
  • compiler optimizations
  • coding guidelines
  • clang llvm optimizer examples
  • code architecture for real-time applications, showcased by a small experiment
  • a real life scenario where the compiler was our friend.

Throughout the session we discuss what we do at Ubisoft to maintain code quality, fast iteration times and runtime speed when working on big codebases​, and we end with a high level presentation of a real life scenario where the compiler was our friend.

May 24 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)


Radu Angelescu

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