Behaviour-Driven Development, BDD, with Cucumber

Tue 11:45 - 12:30
You need a laptop
Merope Room


Behaviour-Driven Development, BDD, is a way to drive development using
concrete examples to understand the wanted behaviour of the system.
The language of Cucumber, Gherkin, allows us to create executable
examples that can be read and verified by anyone in the team.

Presentation abstract

Behaviour-Driven development, BDD, is a process that lead us to
implement the right software using a three step process:

* Discovery – find out what we should create using concrete examples
* Formulation – write executable specification from the examples
found during the discovery
* Automation – execute the specification as automated acceptance
tests and drive the implementation

Our goal is to understand what our users want using examples that
describes our current understanding of the problem using easy to
understand examples. These examples are later used to drive the

The result? Software that support our business while making the life
better for everyone involved.

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