Why we’re organizing CppEurope

Let me introduce myself. I’m Alex, CTO and senior trainer at Mozaic Works.


I learned C/C++ in college. I immediately loved the language. It wasn’t easy to learn, but the challenge was enjoyable. My first professional C++ project was in 2001. I was a programmer fresh out of college, passionate but with little knowledge about changeable design. By the end of the project, I realized my mistakes and decided to learn more.

Fortunately, my second C/C++ project was very different. I had a mentor who taught me how to write unit tests, how to design software, and how to write better C/C++ code – both cleaner and with better performance.

Later on, while helping C/C++ teams improve their code quality, their designs, to introduce tests and to improve productivity and their happiness, I realized I had been very fortunate. Not many developers have the opportunities I had.

It turns out that this is especially difficult for C/C++ programmers. You find Java user groups, Javascript communities, .NET groups, python enthusiasts in many European capitals. Not many C/C++ groups. Same with conferences; while we pride with our own I TAKE Unconference as a welcoming place for all developers, the truth is that C/C++ programmers have specific needs that can’t be fulfilled by a technical agnostic conference.


We believe therefore that a conference focused on C/C++ development will help our customers and the European community. We believe bringing well-known experts together with local speakers and C/C++ programmers will help you write better code, be more effective, and happier at your job. We believe bringing modern development techniques into C/C++, be it embedded software, firmware, engineering, telecommunications, antivirus, or security products, will help you create better products for your customers.


This is why we’re organizing CppEurope conference. We hope that our track record in creating learning opportunities (6 editions of I TAKE Unconference, 10 editions of OpenAgile Romania, one edition of Agile Lean Europe and a first innovative Product Leaders), and our 10 years experience of helping software development teams will make it an easy decision for you.

On 27 February 2018, join passionate C/C++ programmers for a new tradition in the European development space: CppEurope, first edition (for now 🙂 ).

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