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Mike Ritchie

Independent Developer and Technical Coach at 13coders

Mike is an independent developer, consultant and coach. He’s worked in software development for 30 years, most of that hands-on, and the bulk of it in C++.  He’s worked in more industry sectors than he cares to remember, and also took a couple of detours into roles more focused on people and teams (he’s trying very hard not to say “management” : please don’t make him).

The way Mike works now was shaped by the horror of giant, monolithic C++ codebases with zero tests, hideous complexity, impenetrable naming, and often needing overnight compilation. His mission in life is to help the current generation have a much happier coding experience.

His focus now is helping people and organisations to become more effective, especially where they work on tricky technical domains and languages. He loves what’s happening in our industry through the craftsmanship movement, and the spirit of openness, collaboration, inclusion and learning that it engenders. You can find Mike at local developer meetups in Scotland, and he’s a regular attendee and occasional speaker at conferences in the UK, Europe and the US.

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