C++ libraries for daily use

Tue TBD - 00:45
You don't need a laptop
Merope Room


The Standard library is a rich collection of functions and classes, most of them for general purpose, that help with various daily tasks C++ developers encounter. Yet, we are often required to resort to 3rd party libraries to solve common problems. In this talk, I will give a short walk through five libraries that you can use for solving common problems:

  • fmt: a modern library for text formatting as alternative to printf and iostreams
  • loguru: a light-weight easy to use library for logging
  • nlohmann\json: a modern library for working with JSON
  • Lyra: a command line arguments parser for C++11 and beyond
  • Catch2: a header-only test framework for unit-tests, TDD, and BDD

From this talk, you will learn what are the most important features of these libraries so that you can start using them in your projects.

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