CppEurope 2019 | Bucharest edition | Slides

Thank you all for being part of this 2nd edition of CppEurope.

We are now planning the next editions!


You can check out the videos here

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Also, the slides from the presentations are below (to be updated):

Rainer Grimm – Concurrency and Parallelism in C++17 and C++20/23

Alexandru Bolboaca  – Thinking in Functions

Andreas Fertig – C++: Fast and Small – What are the Costs of Language Features

Marius Bancila – Consistent Comparison in C++20

Jason McGuiness – Low-Latency Trading: Micro-Optimisations and the Impact of Compliers, O/Ss and Spectre & Meltdown 

Thomas Sundberg – Behaviour-Driven Development, BDD, with Cucumber

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