CppEurope 2020 | Bucharest edition | Slides

Thank you all for being part of the 3rd edition of CppEurope Conference.

We are now planning the next editions!

You can check out the videos here

Want to see more photos? Check our Facebook page here

Also, the slides from the presentations are below:

Jose Daniel GarciaC++ programming in a parallel world

Alexandru BolboacaRefactoring C++ legacy code through pure functions

Marius BancilaC++ libraries for daily use

Augustin Popa & Elizabeth MorrowTools to Ease Cross-Platform C++ Development

Clare MacraeC++ Testing Techniques, Tips and Tricks

Peter HiltonTechnical documentation is a back-up (so make sure it works)

Arno SchodlThe C++ rvalue lifetime disaster

Klaus IglbergerEmbrace No-Paradigm Programming!

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